Electric cars come from the 80s Sci-Fi movies and right to our driveways. They promise cheaper driving options and better impact on the environment. That’s why now, at Green Economy For Newbies, we will break down the facts and see if these cars from the future truly save our Mother Earth from disaster and our best friend — our wallet — from bankruptcy.

Electric cars aren’t a new invention. The first electric car appeared in 1832 and was introduced by Robert Anderson. The gasoline car was invented much later in 1886 but it replaced the electric car as gasoline cars were much more powerful machines, they can travel more and faster. With gasoline cars you can re-charge them very quickly, much faster than electric cars, especially in 1886. 

However, time changes and technology improves much more from the 18th century and electric cars have their own “five minutes” again. How long would this “five minutes” last this time? Probably much more than the first time. So, lets see what the era with electric vehicles looks like and what will it bring in our daily lives? Do driving these 4-wheels electric toys save you money and, if so, how much?   

Let’s dive into the electric investigation and see some factors, the pros and cons that determine the real nature of electric cars and their efficiency. 

The first one and most obvious is the price. 

Prices for new electric cars are on average $19,000 more than cars powered by gas. But, this industry promises you that you will save each year by avoiding spending money on your gas powered vehicle. And that’s true! Every year, with your electric car, you save $1,575 per year by driving an electric car. However, this kind of car isn’t good for long-distance traveling, so every time you go on vacation, you will need to rent  gas-powered toys, which will cost you around £150 per week. Also, the battery doesn’t last long, and the average price for the new battery is $5,500. Plus, production of the electric battery also emits CO2 due to extracting lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite from the ground. It takes big gas-powered machinery and a whole lot of effort, which is actually emitting more CO2 into the air versus the production of a gas-powered vehicle. According to the data, though, the clean-emitting vehicle makes up for these early emissions after about one year of driving. 

The service, however, does not cost the same as the gas powered car as the electric vehicle is simpler, so there’s not too many things to break over time or to maintain. That’s a plus! 

The good solution can be to buy a pre-owned electric car, and in that way you save on high start-up prices and cut that difference of $19,000. Also, you can install solar panels on the roof of your car which will create you additional energy while you are on the move or the car rests in your driveway under the summer sun! 

So, are electric cars really cheaper and safer for the environment than standard gas-powered cars?  As we can see, not too much. But time changes and technology goes further. So our electric 4-wheel friends will stay with us throughout the days that come. So, here, we will show you three electric puppies that you can buy – new or used, it’s up to you! 

  1. Mini Hardtop 2 door – With the price of $30,750, this is a good investment if you want an electric car without spending too much money. Its good design and small dimensions make it good to park in any area, such as your garage or in front of your beautiful residence building. In less than an hour, precisely 36 minutes, the vehicle can be charged at 80% and drive 114 miles! It saved $4,500 in fuel savings over 5 years according to  Motorwerks MINI. 
  1. Tesla “S” Model – When it comes to the icon of the modern electric car, Tesla cars definitely lead. Tesla Model S, with its futuristic design, a lot of space make the drive fun! Clear and simple display screen will help you to navigate and enjoy your travel better. By combining up to 405 miles of estimated range with Tesla fast charging technology, you’ll spend less time charging and even more time on the road. It can be supercharged for 30 minutes on which will drive you 170 miles. Here, you can check the specification in details
  1. Nissan Leaf – The Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric device. With a price of $27,400, this car has a lot to offer. Depending on the type of car you buy and battery that it has (40 or 42 kWT), this car can be charged from 40-60 minutes on 80% and drive 226 miles with a single charge. It is fully connected with your smartphone, which enables you to check the status of your car from your smartphone. The application supports Google Play and Android App Store. Visit the website and find out about the amazing features of this electric car. 

Now that you have a basic idea and real information about electric cars cost, you can compare and decide which one you want. Of course, we give a few models as examples depending on class, price and range of the car. You always can do your own research and find the perfect car that matches your needs. 

Wishing you a good electric ride,

The Green Economy For Newbies Team

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