Your first flying experience in 2030 may be crazier than you think. From the moment you approach the airport, the way you arrive at the airport and the flying experience at all will be quite different from today’s flying. 

Let’s dive into a few major changes that will make your kids think of today’s flight as an old-fashioned one.  

Artificial assistance 

At the airport itself there will not be human assistance anymore. The stewardess dressed elegantly, representing the uniform of your most favourite air travel company like British Airways or Qatar will be a thing of the past.  

The future of the flying experience brings us robotic assistance from the moment we approach the airport. Our cute little friends will assist us through the crowd and provide us with all necessary information that we need and carry our luggage!  

I’ll take you to your gates” would not be the word that we will hear from humans anymore. Our artificial assistance will in the future find lost passengers at the airport and inform you about your flight information and delays. Put it in a few words, they will cut your time that you spend while you are at the airport.   

You are at London’s airport in the transit section, searching for your second flight. But the problem is that you are not too familiar with the English language. No problem, as the robotic assistant would be able to speak your language too! Our assistant will be connected to the internet which will provide the instant translation of your language and chat with you like your neighbour.   

Biometric recognition  

One of the things that will also save us time is biometric recognition. In the future, manual identification and your fingerprints would also be a thing of the past.  

Imagine that finally you choose your holiday destination. You open the airplane apps on your phone that have your “Eyes Identification” and your unique “heartbeat” and now you are in the process of buying a ticket. When you choose the dates of your flight, the luggage and hotel options, the phone app will automatically copy your eyes and heartbeat identification then put it into the air-ticket system.  

From the moment you arrive at the airport, there would not be human assistance anymore. The Future of the flight brings us biometric proof of identity that will be done in a matter of time. While you walk through your gates, the smart cameras will scan your eyes and you will be allowed to enter an airplane just like that!  

Just like that? Well, just if you don’t steal a car to come to the airport! 

Virtual entertainment  

Imagine you travel on a long-hours flight through the darkest night under the sky. There are no stars that you can see, no clouds, land and cities are covered with darkness, so you decide to entertain yourself. What would you do?  

You will maybe use your window as a digital screen! You will be able to choose a “3D windows view” that will be as real as the one you get used to look before. Even better, you will be able to choose what you want to see. Is that maybe land, fields, or a cloudy sky? A dangerous thunderstorm? Or something even crazier like 3D visual effects and colours? The choice is all yours!  

Virtual reality and augmented reality will give us many more options! 3D glasses and a smart seat system will allow you to spend your future flight in virtual reality! During boring travel, you can spend your time in the digital world using your avatar. There, you can go shopping, go to a beach or speak with your friends who are in their own home during your flight. But the fast “6G” internet provides you with the feeling you are among them during your travels.  


Did we say your flight experience will change from the moment you approach the airport? We’re lying! It will change from the moment you leave your home. As your bus is late, and you don’t have time to wait for it, you will use the TaxiCraft app to order your flying taxi that will bring you to the airport.  

That’s right, you read it well! By 2030, the future of the flight will bring us mini airplanes with few seats that will serve us like Bolt, riding us through the city and cutting the time that we spend traveling. It will also make it more beautiful. Can you imagine going to an airport or job looking at your city from the sky? 

One direction – flight conclusion!  

As we can see, flying in the future will bring us few major changes that will change the way we think about flying. It will become much more convenient, interesting and local. As whole city-transportation and regional transportation will be done with the planes that will make the local communities more flexible, but also more connected with each other.  

Now, living in one city and working in another sound totally different. Plus from the other side, visiting your cousins from the other part of the country on a more regular basis becomes much more possible, which is a positive thing, right?

If you want to see what’s also waiting for us around the 2030 corner, and what’s already there, so you can prepare it, visit our blog page.

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