Recently, New Zeeland introduce the ‘climate change law’ That will be applied on the financial company, meaning that new law will require banks, insurers and investment managers to report the impacts of climate change on their business for the first time by 2023.  

Even if the rest of the world is far from the regulation like this one, it clearly shows us in which direction world is going. The net-zero emission by 2050 is a global project that changes the way how we consume energy and do business. In the future, there would be more green energy around us, and someone needs to set it up.  

That’s why we are informing you how you can benefit from changes such as running green energy service-based business. We will call this potential company “Go Green UK”, which will serve us as example of running business like this.  

Let’s dive into few major benefits of running a company like Go Green UK.  

 Green energy-based companies are the future  

The world just start to shifting away from fuel-oriented industry to green energy which means that the world will need more companies that will deliver green energy to private and public sectors, into our homes and offices. Keep in mind that green energy is in its early stage and not too many homes and businesses have this kind of technology. They need to adopt it. So, when, for example, one household in your neighbourhood decide to install solar panels on the roof “Go Green UK” Company will be on a place, to help them, with the average cost of $15,000  per one installation. Not a bad business, right?  

Plus, in the future, as part of climate-change politics, this kind of technology will be mandatory, which means more work and more money. That’s why it is crucial to start with business now and create your place under the green energy sky.  

Service and maintenance.  

Installation of green energy brings a lot of money, but you don’t need to stop there. Beside installing this kind of technology, you can do service and maintenance for customers when they need it. Every technology needs regular checking up from time to time – green technology, too. You can create a special contract with clients for the service like this or work on-demand, when one of the clients calls you.  

Also, what you can do is to sell accompanying mechanical parts for the green technology such as battery for solar panels, or cables and motors for windmills, and similar. This will expand the reach of your business by not just limiting it on installation process, but also service, maintenance and sales.  

When the times come, you can hire professionals that will be involved into advising new clients, giving them the best solutions based on customers’ needs and options that your company can offer to them. But, besides residents and other business, who else can your company advise? This brings me to the next part of this blog. Connect your business with as many industries and people you can!  

Connect with related industry companies and government  

As someone who wants to succeed in business, you need connections in your industry as well as with other industries that are closely related with yours. What you can do is to connect with real-estate companies that work tightly with investors who manufacture buildings and need the “Go Green UK” company to advise them and install green technology on their buildings. You can work with NGO’S and local municipality offices who do maintenance and renovate public spaces and institutions. You can offer them a competitive price for your services and create meaningful long-term professional relationship with your partners. In that way, when some NGO’S want to create eco-park or the municipality decide to create new solar-lighting system in town, you will be there to offer the best solution.  

The “GO GREEN” conclusion  

We can see that there are a lot to consider when starting a “Go Green UK”. Depending on how much money at start you have, you can create your business plan and start with its implementation. You don’t need to start with all service at once. Start with one of them and then as your business evolves you can set up new sectors and options.  

And if you want your business to be greener, before you start to offer it to the others, we warmly recommended you to visit our partners here.  

Wish you luck in your green business future! 

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